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Salt Lake Office & Mailing Address:

Riverpark Office Complex
10808 South River Front Parkway
Suite 3032
South Jordan, UT 84095

Phone 385.208.1933

Fax 800.380.3894
If rights are violated and a person suffers death or physically injury, it is our duty and privilege to aggressively pursue a claim against the negligent party. We believe that it is basic to our free society that a person who is wrongfully caused to suffer death or physical injury is assured of receiving justice.

We believe that it is an honorable pursuit for us to ethically seek justice on behalf of our clients in the form of full and fair compensation for every aspect of their loss.

The attorneys of Sessions & Willams LLC are experienced in all areas of law and procedure as it relates to claims for personal injury and wrongful death. We have successfully litigated claims through trial and appeal, and have attained a reputation for achieving extraordinary results for our clients. Our reputation and abilities have also enabled our firm to settle many cases prior to trial for optimal settlement amounts. Our offices are fully staffed with highly trained, experienced and motivated individuals. We have invested in state of the art technology and research capability, which allows us immediate access to recent developments in the law.

Sessions & Willams LLC is committed to providing our clients with personal attention and advice, and to actively communicate with them throughout every phase of their claim. Each of our clients and cases are important to us and we show every client courtesy, respect and attention to their individual needs and circumstances. We fully advise our clients of all factors relevant to their cases so that they are better able to judge the relative strengths and weaknesses and intelligently determine if they wish to settle or litigate their claim.